A complete case study of colorectal cancer patient: Mr. Mizanur Rahman

Colorectal health is a crucial matter for lifestyle. To lead a peaceful and healthy life, one must be conscious and take proper treatment when feeling abnormalities in colorectal health. Here we mentioned one of our colorectal cancer patient's complete case study:

Dr. Tariq Akhtar Khan Patient journey

Patient journey with Dr. Tariq Akhtar Khan

One of our patients Mizanur Rahman was 50 years when he came to us in 2020. He came from Kushtia to our Center Rabeya Hospital in Jhenaidah due to the passing of blood in his stool. He did not follow the doctor's advice and returned in 2024 after a long time. We mentioned here details of patient information, clinical history, treatment process, observation, and outcomes of treatments:

Patient information
  • Name: Mr. Mizanur Rahman
  • Age: 50 years
  • District: Kushtia, Khulna, Dhaka
Patient Mizanur Rahman 1st time visit in 2020

Mr. Mizanur Rahman was 50 years old when he came to us from Kushtia in 2020 with the complaints of painless bleeding with stool. He consulted us at our satellite clinic Rabeya Hospital In Jhenaidah. We suggested him full colonoscopy under sedation. On colonoscopy we found a polyp in the sigmoid colon. We discussed the issue with him that this polyp looks bad and we suspect that polyp may harbour cancer. We took biopsy and said to come with the report. But he didn’t come.

Patient Mizanur Rahman 2nd time visit in 2024

In 2024 he come again with same symptoms, then we start our treatment process:

  • Clinical history: Bleeding when passing stool
  • Requirement Tests: Full colonoscopy
  • Diagnostic assessments: We found two polyps, one in the rectum and one in the sigmoid colon.
  • Treatments: We removed both polyps together during colonoscopy. We reported that this polyp was adenomatous, which means it will turn into cancer if left untreated. The histopathological report of the excised polyp proved our suspicion as 100% correct.

Patients Test Report

Patients feedback

Mr. Mizanur Rahman was astonished by our colonoscopy skills because both in 2020 & 2024 our prediction in colonoscopy was 100% matched with the Histo report of the polyp. He also thanked us for doing the procedure painlessly and without any complications. He requested us to publish the facts so that other people could benefit.

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