Pilonidal sinus treatment in Bangladesh

Pilonidal sinus treatment in Bangladesh

Pilonidal sinus, also known as Pilonidal cyst. It is a condition characterized by the formation of cysts or abscesses in the skin near the tailbone, often causing pain and infection. Dr. Tariq Akhtar Khan, a leading Colorectal and Laparoscopic Surgeon, offers Pilonidal Sinus treatment in Bangladesh.

With over 15 years of specialized experience and a remarkable track record of 8000+ successful anal surgeries, He stands as a beacon of excellence in the field. Patients seeking personalized and advanced care for Pilonidal Sinus can trust Dr. Tariq Akhtar Khan for compassionate treatment customized to their unique needs.

Pilonidal cyst and sinus causes, symptoms & treatment

Are you experiencing discomfort in your lower back or noticing recurring abscesses in the sacrococcygeal region? These could be signs of Pilonidal cysts and sinus disease, a condition characterized by the formation of small tunnels or cysts in the skin near the tailbone.

Causes of Pilonidal cyst and sinus

  • Hair accumulation: Debris buildup in the skin's crease between the buttocks leads to cyst formation.
  • Prolonged sitting: Increased pressure from extended sitting raises the risk, common among drivers and office workers.
  • Genetic predisposition: Some individuals inherit a higher susceptibility to Pilonidal Sinus.
  • Hormonal factors: Puberty-related hormonal changes may contribute to its development.
Pilonidal cyst and sinus Symptoms

Symptoms of Pilonidal cyst and sinus

  • Recurring abscesses: Cysts in the sacrococcygeal region cause pain and swelling.
  • Redness and inflammation: The affected area appears inflamed and warm to the touch.
  • Pus or blood drainage: Cysts may drain pus or blood with a foul odor.
  • Discomfort while sitting or walking: Pain or discomfort arises, especially with larger or inflamed cysts.

Treatment of Pilonidal cyst and sinus

  • Conservative measures: Basic hygiene and topical medications reduce inflammation.
  • Surgical intervention: Drainage or excision may be necessary for severe cases.
  • Laser treatment: Dr. Tariq Akhtar Khan specializes in minimally invasive laser options.
  • Postoperative care: Wound management and follow-up appointments ensure proper healing.

(Notes:) Understanding the causes, symptoms, and treatment options for Pilonidal Sinus is crucial for effective management and relief.

Pilonidal sinus surgery cost in Bangladesh

Pilonidal cyst and sinus surgery cost in Bangladesh

Are you considering Pilonidal cyst and sinus surgery in Bangladesh but need clarification on the costs? The cost of Pilonidal Sinus surgery in Bangladesh varies depending on several factors, including :

  • Procedure complexity
  • Hospital fees
  • Surgeon's fee
  • Postoperative care

Dr. Tariq Akhtar Khan, a renowned colorectal surgeon in Dhaka, Bangladesh, provides competitive pricing and flexible payment options for Pilonidal Sinus surgery in Bangladesh. Call us today for a consultation and discuss your treatment options, including surgery costs and financing solutions.

Best doctor for Pilonidal cyst and sinus treatment | Dr. Tariq Akhtar Khan

Dr. Tariq Akhtar Khan is one of the best doctors for Pilonidal cyst and sinus treatment in Bangladesh, with 15+ years in colorectal surgery, specializing in laser treatment for Piles and anal diseases. Renowned for his patient-centered approach, he offers advanced procedures with high success rates. Patients consistently praise his thorough care and successful outcomes.

  • 15+ Years of experience
  • Piles & anal diseases specialist
  • Advanced laser procedures
  • Personalized care
  • Patient-centric approach
  • Positive feedback
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